LIC Policy Status Without Online Registration

Now LIC customers can easily check their LIC policy status in different ways. Both online registered users and non-registered users can check their status. This article provides the process to check LIC policy status without online registration

In how many ways you can check LIC policy Stats:

The customers can get online services after login to the web portal. LIC launches the SMS and phone facility services to check LIC policy status for non-registered users

These services ensure that the customer is not connected to the internet.

Check LIC policy status without online registration:

  1. Through SMS:

This SMS facility offered by LIC is the service that aimed at bringing more clarity in all processes to help customers stay updated throughout the term policy. For this SMS service,e customers need to type ASKLIC followed the specific code and send to 56767877 from your registered mobile number

SMS format: ASKLIC PREMIUM send to 56767877

  • To know the Installment premium – ASKLIC PREMIUM
  • Nomination details – ASKLIC NOM
  • Revival amount – ASKLIC REVIVAL
  • To know loan amount – ASKLIC LOAN
  • Bonus additions – ASKLIC BONUS

Pension policy status:

  • For IPP policy status – ASKLIC STAT
  • Cheque return information – ASKLIC CHQRET
  • Existence certificate due – ASKLIC ECDUE
  • Annuity amount – ASKLIC AMOUNT
  • Last annuity release date – ASKLIC ANNPD
  1. By calling customer care:

LIC provides the 24 X 7 customer care facilitates and get the instant updates on their insurance policies. There is the universal access number for LIC 1251 also get the customer care team also check the policy status through phone

  • For making the local calls through BSNL and MTNL simply dial 1251
  • For other than local users can dial local city code and follow by 1251

Customers can also get in touch with zonal or regional offices for all types of policy doubts. The regional offices are divided into eight zones like

  • Central Zone
  • Eastern Zone
  • Northern Zone
  • East Central Zone
  • North Central Zone
  • South-Central Zone
  • Southern Zone
  • Western Zone
  1. Simply visit your LIC branch or agent:

Customers can also visit the LIC branch and Contact LIC agents based on their needs. And here they will get the status of the policy. Better you can approach your service branch with your policy papers

Simple formula to check the Surrender value of your LIC policy:

Basic sum assures [Total number of premiums payable/number of paid premiums] + total receive bonus X Surrender value factor

LIC Policy Status Check Online – Registered Users

Checking LIC policy status from time to time is very important to pay on-time payments. Earlier one has to visit the LIC branch office or a LIC agent to know the status of LIC of policy. Now LIC Company providing the online services for their customers

So they no need to visit the LIC office/agent to know policy status. Simply they can check their policy status online anywhere and anytime. LIC provides mobile services through the customers can know their policy or premium payment status.

Process to check LIC policy status online for registered users:

  • Visit the LIC India website http://www.licindia.in/
  • Then click on online services option and select customer portal
  • It will be redirected to the Login page where you should select register user option
  • Here enter the registered username and password
  • And click on Go button
  • This will opens the page listing out of policy tools for registered customers
  • Now select the “View enrolled policies” option
  • Then the page will display all policies you have enrolled, vested bonus, premium amount, enrolled date etc
  • You can view the status of your policy by clicking on policy number

Online Registration Process for New Users:

People who are interested in the online services then they need to register at the LIC official website. Registered users only get online services

  • Go to the official website of LIC http://www.licindia.in/Home-(1)/LICOnlineServicePortal
  • And Check the e-services available
  • Then fill the online registration form and choose your login credentials
  • After the successful registration, a confirmation mail will be sent to your registered mail id
  • After that enter the policy details like policy number, date of birth, premium amount, etc
  • Then click on Submit button

If your entered details are correct then you will get the present status of your LIC policy or else you will receive the error message

Pay LIC Premium Online Using Credit/Debit cards

LIC provides online payment to policyholders in this busy world. Now people can pay LIC policy premium online by using their debit/credit cards or online net banking account. The best way to the reminder in Gmail or Yahoo for premium payment reminder every year and you pay online within 5 minutes. The process is pretty simple and easy to understand. You will do debit and credit card payments through IDBI Gateway.

These are the advantages of paying LIC Premium online

  • You can pay premium within 5 minutes
  • Pay anywhere in the world
  • Keep proof of payment (Conformation send to your mail or mobile number)
  • You can pay easily even by credit card

Steps to Pay LIC premium online using Credit/Debit card:

The credit or debit card payments can be started in below mentioned easy steps

  • After selecting the checkbox against the “IDBI Gateway” option then you will be redirected to next page where you find the different card types
  • Select the card type through you want to make payment and you will get the total payable amount with applicable service tax on it
  • Once you can select the card type and click on submit button
  • After submitting the card type then enter your card details to process the transaction like card number, date of expiry, CVV number, registered mobile number or email id, and your name on card
  • Enter the captcha code and click on Pay option
  • After successful payment receipt will be generated and sent to your registered email address with LIC

Premium collection through Authorized banks:

For LIC to collect premium payments these are the 2 banks to authorize Axis band and corporation bank. Things to remember when paying your LIC premium payment through these banks

  • You can easily pay premiums at any extension branches
  • You can pay the premium for active, non-SSS and non ULIP policies using this payment channel
  • You can submit the payment only through cash or cheque mode drawn on either of banks
  • You can make the payments 30 days in advance of the due date of the policy. There are the few term insurance policies that to make premiums payments 15 days in advance like 164-Anmol Jeevan-1, 177- Amulya Jeevan, 153- Anmol Jeevan, 190 Amulya Jeevan
  • Policyholders may pay the late payment charge that includes an interest rate of 8%
  • Premium payments are not acceptable for few ULIP and certain health protection policies like
  • 172-Future Plus
  • 173-Jeevan Plus
  • 180-Money Plus
  • 140- Bima Plus
  • 187-Fortune Plus
  • 191-Market Plus
  • 199 – Jeevan Saathi
  • 188-Profit Plus
  • 181-Market Plus
  • 193-Money Plus
  • 901-Health Plus
  • 902-Health protection plus

Users will get the receipt from banks after making the successful payment

Pay LIC Premium Through Authorized Centers

In the present world, most of the things are going online process and still few people are not feeling comfortable with these online options. LIC also introduces the online premium payments for registered and non-registered users at LIC official website. People happy to know LIC has several options to pay their premium payments through different private and government service companies. There are the 4 service providers who are working with LIC to ensure offline premium payment services for policyholders

  • AP online: AP government provides the official website and this collection only accepts premium payments for AP people only
  • Suvidha Infoserve: It is the social commerce entity which offers different bill payment services
  • MP Online: It accepts the only premium payments of Madhya Pradesh citizens
  • Easy Bill Limited: LIC offers the policyholders for convenient bill payment source, you can make the premium payments to traditional and reliable neighbourhood stores

Important things to take care while paying the LIC premium payments:

  • Payments are acceptable for the active policies only and also these collection centers don’t accept payment for the LIC policies that un-set the SSS and ULIPs category
  • Policyholders may pay the premium payments in cash mode
  • Late fee at 8% will charge for every late premium payment
  • At the authorized collection centers, you will get the premium payment service for free
  • Users can’t make the payment for next financial year at collection centers
  • After successful payment, you will receive a signed receipt form collection center
  • You can look out these Authorized collection centers on official website of LIC

Note: Customers don’t have the pay any commission, extra fees, service tax fees to agents

Agent collection:

Keep in mind at the time of making premium payments through authorized agents. Retired employees of LIC and senior business associates as payment collection agents

  • The agents can easily collect the premium payments for UPLIs. The payment of health insurance policies are not covered under this and this payment mode is updated in real time
  • After the successful payment, you will receive the signed receipt from collection agent
  • Here you can pay the payments by cash or cheque mode
  • This payment doesn’t accept the premium payments for policies falling under SSS category
  • You can’t pay the advanced premium payments for next financial year

Applicant no need to pay the service fees to avail this payment facility

Pay LIC Premium Online – Non Registered Users

LIC make the premium online facility for policyholders who are non registered and registered users for LIC official website. Through this online facility, people make their payments safer and quicker. This online LIC premium payment process is different for the registered and non-registered users. This article provides the complete information about the LIC premium online process for non-registered users.

Through this online facility, people can make payments anywhere and anytime. Policyholders can pay their policy premiums with just a few clicks and enjoy uninterrupted life insurance coverage

Pay LIC premium online for Non-register users:

  • Visit LIC official website licindia.in
  • And select the “online services” option and click on “Pay premium online”
  • Then you will redirect to LIC pay premium through e-services and click on “Pay Direct” option
  • Inside of the Pay direct option, you will see drop down menu which gives 3 options like Renewal premium, Loan interest payment, and loan payment
  • You must select the “Renewal premium” option from the drop-down menu then a page will be displayed like this
  • Then simple steps for premium payment page will open as mentioned below
  • Simply click on proceed button
  • Next enter your customer validation information like Policy number, date of birth, installment premium, mobile number, Email id, and captcha code
  • Once you entered all information then click on submit button
  • Next, you come to payment particulars page; here you have to verify details like your policy number. After successful verification click on “Checkout” option
  • Next page will display the box with multiple columns including your policy related information along with additional charges that will add over the payable premium amount
  • The premium amount includes service tax, late fee, education cess etc
  • The total premium amount will show in a box with column “Pay Prm”, you need to tick the box and click on submit button
  • Now your payment details also select the mode making the payment. You can also make the payment through net banking through Bill Desk Gateway, through credit/debit card
  • Now all major banks are supported by LIC’s online payment service so that customers can easily make online payments
  • Click bank checkbox which you hold an account and click on submit to confirm
  • You will lead to your chosen banks net banking login page
  • Enter your net banking User ID and password to login to your net banking account. You will be asked to verify the payment amount
  • After successful payment, you will receive an SMS or email ID to your registered number (keep it safe as proof of your payment)

Pay LIC Premium Online – LIC Register Users

Now LIC provides the online payments for policyholders. Here is the process related to LIC online payments for registers users.

The online payment process is quite simple and one can easily do it on their own. You can follow the LIC premium payment through the net banking option. Register users of the policyholders need to pay premium through the e-services facility offered via LIC official website

Pay LIC premium online for register users:

  • First, visit the LIC India website at licincia.in
  • Click on the “Online service” option and select “pay premium online” option
  • Then you will redirect to LIC e-services page where you must click on the “Registered User”
  • The enter your LIC login ID and password (provide the necessary information)
  • Click on the Sign in button
  • To get your policy details then enroll your policy on a website
  • Under the e-Service section, you will find the “Enrol policies” option
  • Once click on it and you will give your policy number and the premium amount payable
  • Then click on the “View Enrolled policies” option which is present on the left side of a page
  • Next page will be displayed with code. Fill the code and click on submit button
  • Now our policy details will be displayed
  • If you have entered the online services portal then you can view all your enrolled policies
  • Your policy details are view in customer service, you can able to see an option “Pay premium online” to make the online payment
  • After that click on the tab labeled “LIC pay premium online” and you will see a list of policies that you have to enroll in your account
  • Select the policies which you want and pay the premium
  • Click on submit button to confirm your selection
  • You will redirect to payment gateway page to select payment through the credit/debit card or via net banking
  • After a successful transaction, you can download the “Payment Acknowledgment” option
  • Now you will get the payment confirmation Email or SMS

Pay your LIC premium online for register users. Now you can pay your premium anywhere you want without any hassles. So LIC policyholders enjoy this with this online payment process for LIC premium