Pay LIC Premium Online – Non Registered Users

Pay LIC Premium Online – Non Registered Users

Pay LIC Premium online –  With Non Registered users

The LIC made the online payment process for all the account holders, and it is also available for non-registered holders to pay their premium amount on time without any issues, through the policy official web site.

Whereas, this online payment varies from the registered online payments with the Non- registered users, let’s dig to a clear explanation. As now, you can do any dealings online from anywhere in the world by clicking and enjoy the individual with a specific life insurance policy.

The comfort of paying in premium to the LIC policy the facility benefited to all customers. The process of paying online is quite easy and straightforward to complete the process form hands.

If you choose to pay the premium through the online, the below are in the process of following to pay online:

  • To pay premiums, first, you need to go to the LIC official web site. The web site is
  • Once the web site displayed, you will see a labeled box called online services with several options are online loans, Customer portal, pay premium online, and many more.
  • From online services, click on the pay premium online option to start the payment process.
  • The payment process will split into two types direct pay portal and Customer pay portal.
  • If you are already register member, then choose the option called a direct payment.
  • If you are a Non-registered customer, you have entered the web site to pay the premium amount and get out, then that customer can choose the option called Customer portal.

 No registration Required -Direct Payment through Customer portal process:

Without registration, you can still pay the premium and other payments through the Pay Direct service providers. If you click on the right pay menu, it will display again with four options to choose from.

  • Renewal Payment
  • Loan Repayment
  • Advance Premium Payment
  • Loan Interest Payment.
  • By clicking on the Renewal payment option, in the Renewal option, the first step is the premium payment method. To proceed with this direct payment, the customer needs to provide the required policy details.
  • The details of the policy number, Date of Birth, Email ID, and the registered mobile number also the premium amount to pay.
  • Once you entered the above details, you will be requested to resend the given Captcha code and click on the submit button.
  • Now you will enter into the payment processing page: a menu will display with multiple options in it, including the policy related details.
  • Along with the payable amount, options also have Service Tax, Education Cess, Late Fee, etc. among all those marks on the Pay premium option.
  • It is the last step in this process where you will once again confirm the payment details, choose the payment option either through net banking or via Credit/Debit cate option.
  • If you choose to pay through net banking then click on the BillDesk Gateway, it will bring you a list of bank options to complete the payment process.
  • Click the bank from to which you wanted to do the process, that particular will lead to its home page or login page.
  • Log in with customer username and password, once you logged in you will ask to confirm the payment amount.
  • Follow the rules displaying on the screen and submit the premium amount; you were done with the process now.
  • In case if you choose to pay via Credit/Debit, the transaction might have chanced of asking the numbers that mentioned on the card if the information versified and allowed to pay the premium.
  • If any error occurred, it would display an error in a payment.
  • If the transaction succeeded, you would get a complete payment mail to the given mail ID.

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