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How to pay LIC premium online?

LIC Premium Online for LIC information:

LIC is the largest insurance company in India. It is trusted by all policyholders as it is controlled by the government of India. Services moreover feature provided by the LIC Company are much complimented.

Additionally, they launched new payment process called LIC Online Premium Payment for policyholders.

By this service every individual can save their time accordingly they can make the payment very easily moreover fastly.

Previously people use to be back of LIC office to pay their premiums. To get rid of this problem they introduce online payment process which saves their time as well as money.

Now you can pay your LIC premiums through LIC website without any tensions conversely within few clicks comfortably.

For this process initially, you need to register in LIC. Once registration is done you can pay your premium through online.

Process of LIC premium, Online payments:

Here is the step by step process of LIC Premium Online Payments.

  1. Visit the LIC website or www.liconlinepayment. You will get the home page as shown below.
  2. Now click on the “LIC’s e-services” it will lead to a new page.
  3. Now click on the “Registration user” block. It will ask you for login id moreover password. Enter your Login ID as well as password.
  4. Subsequently, login you need enroll to check your policy details. You will find menu block to the left site of the page.

    Enroll Policies for LIC Premium online:

  5. Click on the “Enroll Policies” ordinarily give your policy number consequently amount of premium.
  6. After enrolling, now click on the “View Enrolled Policies” in the same menu as shown below.
  7. On clicking on it you will get the code. Enter the code in the box moreover click on submit. All the details of your policy will appear.
  8. Later viewing the policy details you will find “Customer Service” block choose “Pay Premium Online” option you will get a link which shows the list of policies you enrolled.
  9. Choose your policies which you are going to enroll ordinarily click on submit button. You will get payment page. After making a payment it will return to the same webpage.
  10. After clicking on submit. You will appear on the screen with two options for confirmation of premium payment. Select your payment through Debit card or credit card.
  11. Now you will get a list of banks LIC online payment. The policyholder has to pay convenience fees accordingly service tax to the LIC for processing the payment.
  12. Later selecting the bank you will get all the details. Fill up all the card details ordinarily click on the “make payment”.

Finally after successful payment, you will get a payment receipt details. The copy of the payment receipt is sent to your registered email – Id or you can take the print on the receipt.

Check LIC Transaction Status Online

Many people about their transaction whether it has done successfully or not. To avoid this confusion now you can check your transaction status after completion of your online premium payment.

LIC launched many online services for convinces of the policyholder. Now they can make everything through the online within few clicks. It saves time moreover money for the policyholders.

After online premium payments an electronic payment receipt will be generated to your mail – Id in 3 days. Meanwhile, you can check your transactions through online.

The Process of checking LIC Transaction status online:

  1. To check your transaction initially you need to go to LIC website
  2. You will get the home page as shown below. Here click on the “Pay Premium online” which is on the right side of your page.
  3. After clicking on Pay Premium online you will get a new page that displays two icons as shown below. Here click on direct pay icon.
  4. Now you will get the form as shown as below. You need to fill up all the details like policy number, premium pay, DOB, mobile number, Email id ordinarily you need to enter the image in the block.

Details for the LIC Transaction Status:

Follow instructions which as given below previously filling the form.

  1. Accept I agree consequently click on the Submit.
  2. Later clicking submits you will get the page as shown below. Enter your policy no moreover Transaction date in a given format.
  3. Finally, click on submit accordingly all your transaction details will be displayed.

So, guys aren’t easy to check your transaction online. Why wait…. Hurry Up!!!!  Follow the process moreover check your transaction.

Check LIC Policy through Call Center and SMS Services

Check LIC Policy through Call Center and SMS Services – Process of checking LIC status through SMS 

Accordingly, the Life Insurance Company of India has launched the SMS services for policyholders. Now you can check your status through SMS from your mobile.

However, this service is free of cost for entire the LIC policy customer for providing the useful information policies as well as services details without login.

You can get information on two policies through SMS. They are

  1. LIC Individual Policy
  2. LIC pension Policy

Check LIC Policy through Call Center and SMS Services –  LIC individual policy 

Consequently, to checking in your individual policy through SMS Just

Type ASKLIC<Policy No> Premium/Bonus/ Revival /Loan/ Nom along with send it to 9222492224.


Premium: policy under Installment premium

Bonus: Bonus vested amount

Revival: Revival amount will be payable if the policy is failed.

Loan: existing loan amount

NOM: Nomination details

Check LIC Policy through Call Center and SMS Services –  LIC Pension policy   through SMS

For checking the LIC pension policy through SMS,

Type the LIC Pension<Policy Number> STAT/ANNPD/PDTHRU/AMOUNT/ECDUE/CHQRET send it to



STAT: IPP Policy Status

ANNDP: the Last Annuity Released Date

PDTHRU: Annuity payment by CHQ, NEFT, ECS

AMOUNT: amount of annuity

ECDUE: Existence Certificate Due

CHQRET: Cheque Return Information

Check LIC Policy through Call Center and SMS Services – Process of checking LIC Policy through Customer Service

Accordingly, the LIC Costumers will have multiple questions and regarding the LIC policy status like how to check LIC policy status without registration. So, to get rid of all those question LIC providing a very simple furthermore easy option. That is you can know your status through “LIC Customer Care”.

Just dial “1251” if you are BSNL / MTNL customer or else you can just type city code before IVR number to make use of this facility.

We have given few LIC customer care Number below. city state capital Contact numbers
1 Bangalore Karnataka Bangalore 080-26659230
2 Chennai TamilNadu Chennai 044-25300030
3 Hyderabad Telangana 040-23437997 040-23420730
4 Secunderabad Telangana 040-27820146
5 Vellore Tamil nadu 0416-2252202
6 Vijayawada Andhra Pradesh 0866-2484803
7 Warangal Telangana 0870-2544460
8 Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh 0891-2523473

So, guys, this is all about Check LIC policy through Call Center and SMS services. Stay tuned… will catch you up with next article on Checking LIC policy by Commenting policy Number.

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