Pay LIC Premium Through Authorized Centers

Pay LIC Premium Through Authorized Centers

In the present world, most of the things are going online process and still few people are not feeling comfortable with these online options. LIC also introduces the online premium payments for registered and non-registered users at LIC official website. People happy to know LIC has several options to pay their premium payments through different private and government service companies. There are the 4 service providers who are working with LIC to ensure offline premium payment services for policyholders

  • AP online: AP government provides the official website and this collection only accepts premium payments for AP people only
  • Suvidha Infoserve: It is the social commerce entity which offers different bill payment services
  • MP Online: It accepts the only premium payments of Madhya Pradesh citizens
  • Easy Bill Limited: LIC offers the policyholders for convenient bill payment source, you can make the premium payments to traditional and reliable neighbourhood stores

Important things to take care while paying the LIC premium payments:

  • Payments are acceptable for the active policies only and also these collection centers don’t accept payment for the LIC policies that un-set the SSS and ULIPs category
  • Policyholders may pay the premium payments in cash mode
  • Late fee at 8% will charge for every late premium payment
  • At the authorized collection centers, you will get the premium payment service for free
  • Users can’t make the payment for next financial year at collection centers
  • After successful payment, you will receive a signed receipt form collection center
  • You can look out these Authorized collection centers on official website of LIC

Note: Customers don’t have the pay any commission, extra fees, service tax fees to agents

Agent collection:

Keep in mind at the time of making premium payments through authorized agents. Retired employees of LIC and senior business associates as payment collection agents

  • The agents can easily collect the premium payments for UPLIs. The payment of health insurance policies are not covered under this and this payment mode is updated in real time
  • After the successful payment, you will receive the signed receipt from collection agent
  • Here you can pay the payments by cash or cheque mode
  • This payment doesn’t accept the premium payments for policies falling under SSS category
  • You can’t pay the advanced premium payments for next financial year

Applicant no need to pay the service fees to avail this payment facility

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