Check Status of LIC Policy in online

The straightforward concept of Life Insurance Policy is “Today savings to enjoy future with tension-free if the applicant missed receiving the total price when duration end, the nominee will be benefited with that.” Here, in this, you will be clarified to all your doubts, questions, and to know better than you already knew.

What every viewer need to know is, saving money is good but keeping your money into one of the largest company called LIC makes you worth paying every rupee from your pocket. It gives a clear chat box at about the process when you need to pay according to the option you choose.

It is the only one best Insurance Policy with all types’ benefits to the people. If you are in a plan to save or invest money for the future, then join LIC and be a free bird future thinker.

The Insurance Policy Corporation provides with many different policies, and the below is the list of it:

  • LIC special plans
  • LIC pension plans
  • LIC Unit-linked plans
  • LIC Insurance plans
  • LIC group plans.

The LIC scheme planned in such a way that every term of the user should benefit according to their needs, and it also suggests you choose the best type.

Now, if you complete with the selection means decided anyone of the type. The LIC is also making you facilitate all the work to your hands only. It is ultimately your choice to use online or offline methods. Of course, the practice varies between the two.

If you wanted to choose the online option, these are the facilities and responsibilities to the accountant:

  • Customer Login
  • Online payment
  • Check policy status
  • Online premium payment
  • Consumer portal
  • Premium calculator.

To each term, you will assign a specific job to be completed by the account.

Remember, the procedure is different from a new accountant than the already registered log in. The following is the procedure and explains how and when to use the mentioned facilities:

New user:

Note: If you are new to the LIC portal, it’s essential to keep all your required certified available because the LIC is the method of the One Time Registration Process.

If you are newly registering then fill the required columns compulsory:

  • Policy Number- It is like your account number or your identification number to the LIC portal.
  • Installment Premium without taxes- Installment premium is nothing but choosing the method to which you wanted to pay regard. Ex. You can select annually or twice per year, in case your option is twice a year, then you need to pay for every six months of period.
  • Date of Birth- Used to choose the best policy methods according to your age.
  • Mobile Number- To pass notifications and to communicate under any issue.
  • Email ID- To maintain the policy professionally, also send notifications.
  • Aadhar Number- It is the only one unique code with every person; it makes it easy to identify.
  • Pan Number- To detect the Tax services
  • Gender- a default option in any sector
  • Passport Number- Not compulsory, if you have you can give, otherwise no issues.

Once complete with the procedure, you suggested to create your user ID and password, and the link will send to your given email address to confirm as the new account. Now register with your user ID and password.

Registered User:

Confirm your details by filling the required information.

  • User ID
  • Mail ID
  • Mobile number
  • Date of Birth

You will welcome it if all the details given are correct.

In case you forgot the User name and or the password, you can log in with policy number and your premium details with Date of Birth. The reset link will be sent to the email address to confirm.

The registered holder needs to create a new User ID and password since the past user ID and password will no longer in permission to log in again.

The login process still giving you trouble regarding your Login ID and password or forgotten. You can also contact for LIC online inquiry or else visit your nearest LIC branch to solve quickly.

Online payment:

It is the very recent updated facility to all the account holders, and it gives the clyster clear it gives more satisfaction and hopes for their investments to the Life Insurance policy.

The online portal will default to maintain your premium schedules. Soon after you log in, you will suggest with the premium you choose, click on that and conform to OTP. That’s the process of paying online.

The official web site for the online payment is