LIC Policy Status Check

It is ultimately the LIC holder’s responsibility to check the status of their premium and about the policy. By various LIC status check, it keeps in alert to grab the bonuses as soon as they declared with the generous benefits.

The critical information is like concerning premium payments, loans, maturity calendar, bonus status, claims, policy schedule, and many more like that.

It is a human tendency that we do forget the previous while we are working on something else. Due to this central theme, the LIC policy raised a feature to check your status by yourself and know the current state of your system.

Before Policy Status Check:

Till a few years back we used to have only one option to know the information about the policy, to know that information every accountant should visit the LIC Insurance branch near to our location. It is the process followed by many years.

While going to know the policy details, one should carry the required documents without fail. We need to stand or wait to get our details checked, it takes time, and we can’t estimate sometimes it might take the whole day.

All these struggles and the time-wasting process had got a full stop. In the very recent years, our India benefiting with the digitalization procedure.

After Policy Status Check:

Now, be in your comfort zone to check your policy status, the digitalization reaches your area, your home, and into your hand. Not all a process to go somewhere standing for hours together to get a status check.

As we know, we are living in a developing century, the world came to our hands, and we can roam anywhere and get information from any part of the universe.

Through these online services again, the LIC provided to customers with many options to check their Policy status. Below are the options to choose to check the policy status.

  • Through Online LIC official portal
  • SMS- helpline
  • Customer care.

To check the policy status through the official website:

All the registered customers allowed to get these benefits from the LIC insurance to know their details. As per the given options, many prefer to choose an Official web site or online portal.

Give the required details like user ID, password, Date of Birth to log in if already registered. Any error occurs in your login process. An email will send to your given email ID, which you provided during the time of registration.

It welcomes the users if you want to join the online portal to check your premium status, register a new user, and complete the procedure and be a registered customer.


It is another option to check the customer policy status for the customer itself. It helps you in a situation like if you are not aware of the Internet connection to a search of the results, then you can switch to the SMS option.

To any police check, you have only one unique and single number to send SMS by mentioning to which you need information either like below listed, the SMS service number is 9222492224.






Customer care:

The LIC also with another option called Customer care, give a call to the Customer service portal to get the accurate information if, at all, you are confusing with the online portal and SMS options, the holder can go with this option.

Some people will understand more clearly when they communicate about that particular topic. The customer-care calling is for them, the service available both in India timing and US timing.

By depending on your residence address, call to the respective number, and clarify all doubts. The communication can hold according to your comfort language only. The customer service option will depend on active only in their working hours.

The Toll-Free number to know about the policy and also to check status is 12151, the code will vary from state to state.