LIC Policy Status Without Online Registration

LIC Policy Status Without Online Registration

Since the digitalization ruling the present days, many might aware of the facility called LIC online status check for the users and welcomes the new customers too.

We might have many reasons for failing to visit the LIC agent or nearest branch to know the current status or to check the premium notifications. Yes! Now no need to worry and no need to travel somewhere else to know your premium details.

The LIC portal has been providing with the official web sites, online services, SMS, and Customer Call services. Choose any of the given options to know your current status.

Here is another benefit regarding the LIC portal, the one can register to the official web site and check their status through the online portal. We have another option, too; this the central theme of this context. The LIC member can know their details without registering to the official web site that means either through SMS or Customer call.

The following information will be on the two types for the LICC user to know that they can also get their premium status details thorough:

  • SMS
  • Customer Call

LIC policy check status without registration through SMS:

  • It would be best if you no got register to check your premium details. If you have mobile and policy number is more enough to hit an SMS to the Insurance.
  • Enter with predefined codes to the given unique number of the LIC policy, the systems, and how to send messages to get different terms of information. Follow below to know the proper code identification.
  • BONUS- ASKLIC < POLICY NO> BONUS and send it to the number 9222492224 or 56757877. It will resend you with the new gift based on your premium.
  • PREM- ASKLIC <POLICY NO>PREM, send it to 9222492224 or to 56757877, to check your due of your policy.
  • REV- ASKLIC<POLICYNO>REV, send it to 9222492224 to 56757877 to check the revival payable amount.
  • LOAN- ASKLIC<POLICYNO>LOAN, send to 9222492224 or to 57757877, to know the amount will get on based on your premium policy.
  • NOM- ASKLIC<POLICY NO>NOM, send to 9222492224 or 57757877, to no the nomination details.

If you have a policy form the LIC portal, you can also check those details through the SMS process and the below code to know your details under any type you were searching for.

  • STAT- ASKLIC<POLICY NO>STAT, to know the IPP policy status.
  • ECDUE- ASKLIC<POLICY NO>ECDUE, about Existence certificate due.
  • ANNPD – ASKLIC<POLICY NO>ANNPD, about the last pension released date.
  • PDTHRU- ASKLIC<POLICY NO>PDTHRU, the pension payment through (CHQ/ECS/NEFT)
  • AMOUNT- ASKLIC<POLICY NO>AMOUNT, about the pension amount.
  • CHQRET-ASKLIC<POLICY NO>CHQRET, to check the Cheque return information.

Check the status without registration through Customer Call:

To use this facility or option called customer call also no need to registering to the with all your information. If you have the policy number along with you, that is enough to know the details in calling itself.

  • The Life Insurance policy is given with one number to make a call and get clear out for your doubts.
  • Dial to the number 1251 concerning your native code. There is small litigation using this facility; the calls through the BSNL only would be answered might not with a mobile phone.
  • The 24×7 inquiry facility is not yet emerged for all states in India. Only a few states benefited from the all-time inquiry facility.
  • Hence, the only best to get the information through the inquiry desk is, make use of this facility during their working hours only. The working hours might form from 10 am to 6 pm.

If you choose to check your current status without registration, then the SMS process is the best option to choose and to get the information.

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