LIC Policy Status Without Online Registration

LIC Policy Status Without Online Registration

Now LIC customers can easily check their LIC policy status in different ways. Both online registered users and non-registered users can check their status. This article provides the process to check LIC policy status without online registration

In how many ways you can check LIC policy Stats:

The customers can get online services after login to the web portal. LIC launches the SMS and phone facility services to check LIC policy status for non-registered users

These services ensure that the customer is not connected to the internet.

Check LIC policy status without online registration:

  1. Through SMS:

This SMS facility offered by LIC is the service that aimed at bringing more clarity in all processes to help customers stay updated throughout the term policy. For this SMS service,e customers need to type ASKLIC followed the specific code and send to 56767877 from your registered mobile number

SMS format: ASKLIC PREMIUM send to 56767877

  • To know the Installment premium – ASKLIC PREMIUM
  • Nomination details – ASKLIC NOM
  • Revival amount – ASKLIC REVIVAL
  • To know loan amount – ASKLIC LOAN
  • Bonus additions – ASKLIC BONUS

Pension policy status:

  • For IPP policy status – ASKLIC STAT
  • Cheque return information – ASKLIC CHQRET
  • Existence certificate due – ASKLIC ECDUE
  • Annuity amount – ASKLIC AMOUNT
  • Last annuity release date – ASKLIC ANNPD
  1. By calling customer care:

LIC provides the 24 X 7 customer care facilitates and get the instant updates on their insurance policies. There is the universal access number for LIC 1251 also get the customer care team also check the policy status through phone

  • For making the local calls through BSNL and MTNL simply dial 1251
  • For other than local users can dial local city code and follow by 1251

Customers can also get in touch with zonal or regional offices for all types of policy doubts. The regional offices are divided into eight zones like

  • Central Zone
  • Eastern Zone
  • Northern Zone
  • East Central Zone
  • North Central Zone
  • South-Central Zone
  • Southern Zone
  • Western Zone
  1. Simply visit your LIC branch or agent:

Customers can also visit the LIC branch and Contact LIC agents based on their needs. And here they will get the status of the policy. Better you can approach your service branch with your policy papers

Simple formula to check the Surrender value of your LIC policy:

Basic sum assures [Total number of premiums payable/number of paid premiums] + total receive bonus X Surrender value factor

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