Pay LIC Premium Online – LIC Register Users

The LIC policy has been improved to the online payment process too. Whereas the online payment is best to compare to the offline payment. Anyone the registered person can pay the premium amount in a couple of seconds.

The registered user is a straightforward procedure to follow, and even I suggest you follow the online process for LIC policy portal, it will save time and give a better clarity then the offline services.

We have different work procedures for registered and non- registered customers to the LIC policy system. Now, here in this context, you will get full details of how to apply or how to pay if you are a registered user.

The procedure of Registered users to pay the premium through online:

  • Go to the official web site of LIC
  • Tap on the e-Services portal, and you will display with the options called user name and password.
  • Give the user name and password, in place of user name you can also give your policy name or email id, and it is optional to you.
  • Maximum chances have to forget your password because you might log in to the portal once in a year or twice in a year.
  • Keep your very familiar with you to remember easily.
  • Otherwise, if you forgot your password, no need to get tensed, click on forgot password.
  • Then, one new automatic username and password will send to your given email address.
  • You can use them and create a username and password since you forgot the password of the previous account that username and password will terminate for me portal.

Now to pay the premium online via a registered user portal, you need to follow the below-given steps to complete your payment process.

  • Registered Form
  • Printing Form
  • Uploading Details.

Registered Form:

  • In the registration form, you requested to fill with the necessary information details.
  • Date of Birth
  • Mobile number
  • Email Address
  • The above all must appear as per the registered information.
  • Give the documents of PAN card if you have a Passport also you can give.
  • Give the enrolled policy number.
  • For the policy of life Spouse, the registration application form will be different.

Print Form:

  • Tap on the save/print option and print the application form
  • Check all the details once and sign on the registration form.
  • Take a copy of scanned signed and along with KYC document, either the PAN card or Passport.
  • The scanned copy must be in size of 100KB.
  • The scanned copy form must be in JPG format.

Upload Form:

  • Here, upload the scanned image of the registration copy through the online portal.
  • Upload the scanned image of PAN card or Passport.
  • Once the uploading of documents finished, submit the request.
  • An acknowledgment will send to the registered user through SMS and Email ID with the help of the mobile number and email address given during the time of registration.
  • The request will send for verification.
  • After the verification success, then the customer will benefit from all premier online services.
  • The verification process will take the three days correctly form the day of submission.