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Gift Your Child Bright Future

The LIC of India has been in the insurance market for the last six decades and has shown a consistent performance record.  Gift Your Child Bright Future has grown along with the growth in the market. Earlier, people depended on the LIC agents for their premium payments, etc. The younger generation is interested in buying these insurance policies but they inclined towards the online services offered by LIC. You can visit LIC’s portal and see all the information related to LIC policies and schemes. As a registered user you can make LIC of India policy status inquiry, pay premium online, etc.

Securing a child’s future is every parent’s responsibility whether it is his/her education or marriage. You have to make a thorough planning before taking any decision regarding the investment plans. You right decisions might help them turn their ambition into reality. Life is uncertain, anything can happen anytime! In such an unexpected world, long-term investments are necessary these days are using the Login information process. The expenses and cost of living will keep increasing but how will you realize your child’s aspirations? An early, rightly chosen decision will make a difference if you start making investments for your child now!

 Gift Your Child Bright Future – Choose Your Option

There are two types of child plans available – traditional and unit linked plans. In the traditional insurance plan, you get a definite amount. The ULIP offers a risky return because it depends on the economy at the time of returns. However, the collected savings can be used for your child’s higher education or can be reinvested in another insurance plan.

 Gift Your Child Bright Future – Ponder a Little Before Buying

First, you should of the time when you want to buy or invest in a child insurance plan. It is a good option to invest at an early stage because you get ample time to the maturity of your investment. You have to calculate and consider the amount you might get after the plan matures. This gives you get an idea of how much you should expect in return. You should manage your finance so that you are able to pay the premiums regularly and the sum assured by the insurance company is useful.


 Gift Your Child Bright Future – Benefits

  1. Life Cover

The child plans offer you double remuneration – both savings as well as protection. In the case of an unfortunate death, the child’s future remains secure because the unpaid premiums are waivered. This is also known as a waiver or premium rider. They are various other types of riders that you can acquire for your child.

  1. Tax Exemptions

The savings in child plans are tax exempted. According to the Income Tax Act, an investment of up to Rs. 1 lakh is excused from tax in life insurance.

  1. Flexibility

Under the education plan, you have an alternative to planning your child’s education in an extensive manner. You can either choose to get a lump sum i.e. sum assured at maturity or in standard gaps of time i.e. as and when your child wants it.

  1. Loyalty Additions

According to the insurance company’s performance, it declares additional benefit as loyalty addition from time to time. It is not fixed and can differ every year. The loyalty addition is designed on the sum assured and added to the lump sum during maturity.

On top of these benefits, there are a lot of other optional benefits. As parents, you should take a clear and an intelligent decision – to get a lump sum at a time or regular funds at regular intervals. Whatever you decide it should make your child’s future bright and secure.

Gift Your Child Bright Future – About the Author

Matt Carter

He is a full-time blogger, super affiliate. He is 33 years old and lives in New Zealand with his wife and son.

What is LIC?

Hey guys!! Do you know about What is  LIC? And LIC policy details. This article will talk all about LIC. Let us havea look.

Profile of Life Insurance Corporation of India(LIC)

Life insurance Corporation of India was established on 1956 is only public sector of Life Insurance Company of India.

The LIC Head Quarters is located in Mumbai, under the control of government of India. The chairman of the Life insurance Corporation of India is S K ROY.

It is leading and top most life insurance company in India and it has a huge occurrence in both urban and rural areas.

The website of LIC is there are many different types of LIC Policy for customer and it has more than 200 companies in India.


Vision of LIC:

The only Vision of LIC is increasing insurance products all over the India especialy in rural areas and for economically background classes.

It also provides financial insurance which covers beside death at low premium.

Awards Achieved:

It achieved following award in 2013 – 2014 as

Under Served Marked penetration

Claims Service Company

Best Product Innovations

What is LIC NAV:

NAV (Net Asset Value) it is a value of an entity’s assets which minus drawbacks the value of its liabilities. This Nav is possible for all United Linked policies.

This LIC NAV are provided for LIC Future Plus NAV, Jeevan Plus, Bima Plus, Market Plus, Fortune Plus, LIC Market Plus-1 NAV,LIC Profit Plus NAV, LIC Money Plus NAV, wealth Plus, LIC Child Fortune Plus NAV, Jeevan Sathi Plus,  LIC Endowment Plus NAV, Pension plus, Samridhi Plus, Flexi plus, Health plus, Health protection plus.

LIC NAV plan will be shown differently for all plans. They will be providing latest LIC Net Asset Value for all the plans. You can check LIC NAV Rate and you can check LIC NAV Value using latest Life insurance Corporation of India.

So, this is all about  LIC policy details. Hope had a great time with the article and please share your experiences and suggestions with us through comments below.

Different Types of LIC Policy Plans

LIC policies will assure a financial security for you also your family in any unfortunate events. There many different policy plans in LIC along with these plans also there is available one more plan for you that is Gifts your child bright future plan.

Different types of LIC Policy Plans and its Advantages

Here are the best LIC policies discussed in the article. The following are the Lic Policies you can pick up the best policy among them.

  1.  Endowment Plans
  2.  Money Back Policy
  3.  Term Policy
  4.  Pension Plans
  5.  Health Insurance Plans

    1. LIC Endowment Plans

This is the best Endowment Lic policy along with there are different Endowment Lic policies like Lic Jeevan Rakshak, Lic new Jeevan Anand, single premium endowment, Lic Limited premium Endowment, Lic new endowment plan, Lic Jeevan Lakshya plans no 833 including Lic Jeevan Sangam plan no 831 etc…

Lic New Jeevan Anand is the best Lic policy among all. This is a combination of endowment insurance policy along with whole life.


Features of  LIC Endowments Plan:

She / he will get a maturity amount if any policyholder survives till the end of the policy.

Nevertheless, the risk policy will be concealed until the death or 100 years of the proposed whichever is possible as early as. All the death benefits will be paid to the nominee in case of policyholder’s death

     2. LIC Money Back Policy

There are many Lic money back plans like Money Back plan 20 years, Money Back plan 25 years, Lic Jeevan Shagun policy , new children money back policy, New Bima Bachat policy, etc..

Money Back plan 20 & 25 years are the best among all Lic Money Back plans. Ordinarily, this policy gives money at regular intervals to meet necessary expenses like marriage, education or any other needs.

Features of the best Lic Money Back policy:

For LIC Money Back Policy 20 years:

20% of SA (Sum Assured) will be allocated regularly for every  5, 10, 15 years and 40% balance + accumulated Bonus will be payable at the 20th year.

LIC Money Back Policy 25 years:

15% of SA was allocated with regularly for every 5, 10, 15, 20 years moreover 40% Balance + accumulated Bonus will be payable at the 25th years

     3. LIC Terms Policy

There are different LIC Term Policies like LIC Amulya Jeevan 2 Policy, LIC Anmol Jeevan 2 Policy, Lic e-Term Policy 825 etc.  “e-Term Policy” is the best Term plan among all.

You can purchase this plan through online together with the features of this policy are as follows.

Features of LIC e-Term Policy:

  • It can be operating through online
  • Only own life proposal will be considered
  • Moreover, this Policy is a pure Term plan
  • There are different premium plans for smokers along with Non – smokers.


 4. LIC Health Insurance Plan

Consequently, the Best Health Insurance plan is Lic Jeevan Arogya it is newtonz – linked single plan where you can have health cover for yourself, for your spoons, parents, parents – in – laws including children.

Different types of LIC Policy Plans and its Advantages – Features of LIC Jeevan Arogya:

  1. In this policy provides financial protection in case of any surgery, Hospitalization etc.
  2. Flexible payment options for premiums
  3. This Policy has no benefits for claim
  4. Conversely, health cover has been increasing in every year
  5. Lump sum benefits irrespective of actual medical costs.

    5. LIC Pension Plan


In Various, Lic pension plans are as LIC Jeevan Akshay VI, Varishtha Pension Bima Yojana, as well as Lic New Jeevan Nidhi etc. LIC Jeevan Akshay VI is best Lic policy among all the pension plans.

This plan is Immediate Annuity Plan also this plan can buy by paying the lump sum amount at a time.

Different types of LIC Policy Plans and its Advantages – Features of LIC Jeevan Akshay VI

  1. Accordingly, the policies will be consisting of 6 pension plans, you need to choose one among 6 there is no chance of altering because pension starts immediately without delay.
  2. The pension will be provided throughout the lifetime of the pensioner.

So, guys, this is all about Different types of LIC Policy Plans and its Advantages.I hope you had a great time with the article. Please share your valuable suggestion with us through comments below